CrossTown is a unique ALL-INCLUSIVE festival during Amsterdam Dance Event from October 21st till 24th 2022. One price for 4 days at Boutique Hotel The Unbound in Amsterdam INCLUDING unlimited high quality drinks, healthy food, masterclasses, meditation, hottub and the best Dutch and international DJ’s and artists. 

Boutique event during ADE

Introducing, CROSSTOWN, an oasis in Amsterdam for 3 days and nights. Having sought far and wide for a place to create an authentic, nurturing experience, this unique stretch of land cocooned on the outskirts of Amsterdam is the perfect spot for ADE’s first boutique event. Together with our hosting parties, CrossTown is initiating the ultimate pop-up event in Amsterdam. This October, the authentic-pleasure seekers will have a new raw-luxe camp they can sink and rub their feet into.

The founders explain

Our idea was to create a transitory, yet deeply culturally-rooted experience and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to make this happen. Capitalizing on the natural environment and multicultural character of Amsterdam we put together an international team of real visionaries, each enriching the experience with their own food, music, design or wellness concept. The enthusiasm and creative energy of everyone involved enabled us to renovate the camp and put together a holistic program for everyone to come and enjoy.

A new raw-luxe camp

43 rooms have been created by the Unbound team in one of the greenest areas in Amsterdam. Integrating local materials and building techniques, they encourage its residents to soak in the warmth of the elements, both physically and mentally. The separation between man and nature diminishes in these rustic spaces while being able too indulge in the all-inclusive breakfast, lunch, dinner, high-quality drinks, flowing workshops nets and thick towels. Ultimate luxury in all of the rooms and bungalows, including private porches. The perfect receipt to sync guests with CrossTown’s laid back rhythm.